5 Ways to Overcome Children Addicted to Playing Online Games

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Overcome Children Addicted to Playing Online Games

Having a child who is addicted to online games is not an easy thing to solve. Because the child is someone who is very intelligent. Once he knows something, it’s not easy to forget it. Children who are addicted to online games are actually not entirely the child’s fault. Precisely what is more wrong is the parents who of course introduce children to online games. Therefore, don’t keep delaying and waiting, fix it all now before it’s too late. How to?

1. Invite Children to Talk

Invite children to talk about some of the bad effects of online games. It would be great if this relates to how the child feels. For example, because of playing games, children wake up late. By giving real examples, it will be easier for children to understand.

It’s not easy to change a child through words alone. But an explanation is indeed needed, rather than immediately hiding the online game. Because after all, the child already understands and memorizes. So it took him some time to get over it.

2. Give Alternative Activities

If the child is used to being at home and spends all the time playing games, then we have to be creative in arranging some other activities for the child. Activities that will make children more active and willing to learn with something around them.

We can invite children to the park to play, or provide them with some fun activities. For example, playing with water, cleaning toys, or other things. At least children can move and be entertained so that their desire to continue playing games can be a little distracted.

3. Set Limits

Children’s limits on playing games can be done by limiting the use of online games for one day with a period of a few minutes or how many hours a week. By limiting children’s time to play games, children will learn to understand them.

Recently, luthfan.com, as one of the best online gambling platforms in Indonesia. Releasing an article about how to set time limits regarding their games, such as Gates of Olympus and so on. Playing with fewer hours every day, and make that your schedule is optimal for getting a better result.

4. Play with Children

Play with Children

Playing directly with children can make children forget about online games. Invite children to play with whatever is in the house. accompany.

Children will be happier when playing together with their parents. Not only accompanied but their parents are busy with other things. Playing together will also increase the bonding between children and parents.

5. Familiarize Children to Play with Real

It’s okay to start getting kids back to playing with real toys. Add some educational toys that can stimulate children. Not only interesting but also useful.

Let the child satisfy his curiosity with the toys around him. Avoid interfering or appearing too controlling. It’s fine to play in the yard, as long as it’s under supervision.

In essence, help the child’s boredom by diverting his attention to other toys. Not teaching him to play online games.

Those are 5 ways to deal with children who are addicted to playing online games. Although there are some positive aspects of playing games, there are more negative impacts. Hopefully, it can help us become good and wise parents, okay?

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