4 Top Footballers Who Have Congenital Diseases

Year after year changed, and along with it many top footballers were born, and not a few with shortcomings that made conditions impossible but could pass. Performance is the most decisive factor in how a footballer can be at the top, but what if a footballer has problems with his health?

It doesn’t mean anything is a valid answer because many world football stars with severe medical conditions can still be better than other normal players.

There are at least four world footballers with inconclusive medical conditions but can transform into world-star footballers. So who are these players? The following is a list of European star players with severe medical conditions.

Edgar Davids

Who doesn’t know Edgar Davids, a Dutch midfielder who has an attractive appearance and even earned the nickname Pitbull. Being one of the mainstay players for Juventus, Davids has a strong defense system and does not give up despite his lack of conditions. According to Peluit Panjang football media in Indonesia, the Dutch national team player has glaucoma, where the optic nerve in the eye is damaged and can be caused by genetics or other reasons. Although in the end, the lack did not close the opportunity for Davids to become Europe’s top star footballer.

Paul Scholes

Who would have thought that behind his brilliant performance with Manchester United, Paul Scholes had dangerous health problems. Scholes turned out to be suffering from a blocked blood vessel in his right eye, although the health condition did not make the player give up. Scholes successfully gave 11 Premier League titles to Man United, with 3 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, and 2 Champions Leagues and 700 matches.

Scholes found out about this abnormal health condition after conducting a medical consultation, the diagnosis stated that there was a blockage of a blood vessel that caused bleeding in his right eye.

David de Gea

David de Gea’s quality as a goalkeeper is unquestionable, even if there are flaws that could end his future. His career with Man United did experience problems, De Gea is said to have a condition known as myopia. A condition that required De Gea to wear glasses, his entire life, an optometrist examination carried out while at Man United showed that problem. Until Sir Alex Ferguson ordered De Gea to perform laser surgery in the summer of 2012, it made the player better.

David Beckham

David Beckham’s career as a footballer is unquestionable, both when playing for the club and at the national team level. In 2009, Beckham was seen using his inhaler while playing against Real Salt Lake in the MLS Cup final with the LA Galaxy. And that’s when David Beckham is known to have asthma, this was revealed by the player’s spokesman, Simon Oliveira, who explained the details of Beckham’s illness.

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